Getting Unstuck 

We all know that feeling: the boredom, the apathy. It’s when you know that you’ve become stuck. But what do you need to do when this happens? What do you need to change? Ligaya Thompson and Jennifer Hawley talk about what happens when you get stuck, professionally or personally. They discuss the parts of their life when they felt stuck and share what they did to move on and become unstuck.  

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Getting Unstuck  

We are excited that you decided to read this from wherever you are and whatever you are doing. In the last episode, we discussed girl-on-girl hate. In this episode, we want to explore how to get unstuck, how to live a more fulfilling life and defining your meaningful path forward. Things that we are going to discuss are what does being stuck means, how you let go of what doesnt serve you peace and happiness and taking chances and risks on yourself. Ligaya and I have both dealt with these types of situations in both our professional and personal lives. We will always keep it authentic because we are real people like you and we also have emotions. With that, Ligaya, I will pass it off to you. When we are talking about being stuck or getting unstuck, what does that mean to you? What are some different feelings that you feel when you are stuck? 

This topic is near and dear to my heart because I went through this in 2019. Feeling stuck to me is, in a sense, where I feel like I’m not growing, not progressing or I don’t feel fulfilled in what it is that I’m doing. An example would be my previous career before I ventured off into entrepreneurship. I’ve got to a point where I didn’t like my job anymore. It served no purpose for me. I would get up every day and I would go to work because it was all I knew. It took care of my family and brought me out to Austin, which was a great move for me in my career. Getting up every day and going to work was a challenge for me, mentally. The initiatives that the company would roll out, I would be like, “This is stupid.” Reflecting, it’s because I didn’t feel like I belonged there anymore. Part of me felt like I was stuck. I don’t know if that’s a word. 

Feeling stuck is when you feel like you’re not growing, not progressing, or you don’t feel fulfilled in what it is that you are doing. 

Its a word because we are authentic and this is Girl 100, so we can do whatever we want. 

We are going to get stuck and unstuck. Part of me felt like, “I don’t want to be here anymore. I hate this job.” Once upon a time, it was a great place for me to be. I loved it, I enjoyed my job, had fun doing what I did and enjoyed my coworkers but things changed. Pieces of the job changing and it wasn’t anything personal. I changed inside. I wanted more out of life but I was here in this company and didn’t know where else to go. I was like, “I can quit and go somewhere else and find another job but then I would be back at square one starting over and I would still be in the same drama with Corporate America politics.” 

Relating it on a personal level, people feel like that in relationships. People can get to that point in marriages. People might feel like that in their spiritual journey where they were like, “I want to grow and be a better person but I struggle with certain things to where I feel stuck right here. I don’t know what it is that’s going to help me push outside of that boundary or think outside of what I’m already thinking. I want to start thinking differently.” In my opinion, that’s what I translate to feeling stuck. It’s feeling stagnant and feeling like, “I need change but I don’t know where, why or how.” These were all things inside of me that I was feeling like, “Something has got to change. I’ve got to do something differently.” It’s like, “What do I do?” What do you think? Can you relate to any of it? Do you agree or disagree? 

I do want to go a little bit deeper into some of our personal experiences on these types of matters. Being stuck, everybody has been there. We have all been there. Its a point where you were not completely happy and fulfilled with your life. You were continuously allowing yourself to go through the motions. It may be you are stuck in a relationship, a job or life in general. Its this mixture of being paralyzed, depressed, overwhelmed, hopeless and being in doubt about the future. There are a lot of negative feelings that are connotated with. How many times have you told yourself you have reached your ceiling, hit a wall, stopped progressing, you are in a slump, moving in loops, at an impasse? You even said it for remaining stagnant. Its both personally and professionally. If you have utter any of those words, which we all have, you were likely in a place where you are stuck. 

A lot of times, too, it could be boredom like, “I was bored.” You talked about reaching ceilings, not progressing and hitting brick walls. Check all those boxes for me. At the end of the day, I knew that I could have pursued other positions in the company and may be refreshed and re-energized myself but it came down to like, “I was bored there and I didn’t want to continue to be there anymore. I wanted to take another chance.” We will talk about taking chances on yourself. Being there and putting money in someone else’s pocket. 

My salary at Corporate America, I started thinking on a sense like, “If I died, this salary is not going to be handed down to my kids but my investments are.” That mindset started to shift and I started to feel bored there. I didn’t want to make the guys at the top rich anymore. I wanted to work for myself, my family and leave a family legacy behind. It was like, “How do I break away from that? How do I break away from what I do every single day that I have done every single day for the past 13 or 14 years? How do I take that chance? What do I do? If I stay here, nothing is going to change. I’m going to get a new job and feel like this again.” 

As women, when you feel like that, its a time that we have to look inside ourselves and reevaluate our decisions, environments and jobs. When you are stuck, it leaves you unable to see another way to make a move, whether thats literally, metaphorically or change. Ultimately, its going to lead you to repeat the same situation or thinking over and over again. When we talk about getting unstuck and what I think about getting yourself stuck and unstuck, its all about recovering your momentum so that you are back to moving forward and actively doing something to get you where you want to go. What do you think when you think of getting unstuck? What does that mean to you? 

You mentioned recovering your momentum and it’s something that I had to do. Long story short, towards the end of my career, I dealt with a lot of anxiety, coupled with depression. I did deal with a lot of anxiety-like a fear of the future like, “If I left my job, what’s going to happen to my kids? Am I going to be able to provide for them? I know my husband can handle it but how is that going to affect him and his job?” There’s pressure being head of household and a single income. I took a lot of that into consideration. It was also like, “Am I good enough here?” 

G100 4  | Getting Unstuck
Getting Unstuck: If you’re not feeling right internally, it will affect who you are mentally and spiritually. You can’t show up and be the best version of yourself every day if you don’t figure out what is going on.

When I’ve got to the point where I was feeling stuck, I’ve also got to the point where I was questioning myself as an employee like, “Maybe I’m not good enough for this place. I will never be a leader here.” That came down from the parts of me that were depressed. It wasn’t just my job that contributed to my anxiety, but it was a factor of things, especially moving. That’s a big stressor in someone’s life. I had to put myself in a timeout. I was like, “I’m not feeling right internally. If I’m not feeling right internally, it’s affecting who I am mentally and spiritually. I can’t show up and be the best version of myself every day if I don’t figure out what the hell is going on with me.” 

I put myself in a timeout. For the first time in thirteen years, I requested a leave of absence that had to do with nothing of having a baby because the only leave of absence I ever took was having a baby. Even doing that, there was guilt to it because I didn’t want the company to be like, “Look at her. She can’t handle it.” At the end of the day, it’s how they think. I put myself in a bit of a timeout and I went to counseling. 

That’s what she talked about like, “Your wheels have been turning. You have been moving and trying to be the best employee, adjusting to your new life in Austin and trying to take care of your family priorities. You’ve probably got to a point where you are burnt out right now and that is where your anxieties are coming from. Anxiety comes with depression. You need to take a timeout and let the pieces of the puzzle fall apart. Put the pieces of the puzzle back together and you will know which pieces don’t belong anymore as you unwind.” That’s what I did. I took three months off. I wasn’t going to jiu-jitsu because I couldn’t handle it. I was getting anxious going to jiu-jitsu, which never happens. I was off the grid and kept to myself. I had to ask myself, “What do I want to do next? Do I stay here? Do I pursue this? Do I take a chance on myself? Do I pursue other things?” 

If you’re not growing, you are dying. It’s either you’re going to move forward, or you’re going to lose ground. 

In the end, when I finally made that decision of what I wanted to do next, things started to fall in place. When I pulled the plug on my job and was like, “I’m out,” it wasn’t easy to bounce back because I had to recover from that. I had to re-energize and rebuild myself into thinking, “You can do this. It wasn’t an overnight thing,” is what I’m trying to say. Recovery, in the end, is important because it’s not about how hard you fall. It’s about how you bounce back when you get up. That’s where I was going with this. 

There is a guy out there and he does several TED Talks and has many YouTube videos. His name is Simon Sinek and he is a motivational speaker. When we all think about common reasons for being stuck or getting stuck, you lack the purpose in your life or your why. He often will relate it to an organization or a company finding their value point or their why. Ultimately, it can be related to your career, personal life and you need to define your why. Get back to your roots. You need to be able to explain to yourself why you do what you do, what drives you, what your passions are and what are those things in your current environment that are holding you back from doing that. 

You always want to feel like you are not taking a step back in your career or your personal life when you are getting yourself unstuck. You always want to feel like you are taking a step forward. I have listened to a lot of his TED Talks and to a lot of different things that he talks about. It’s all about finding your why. Once you find your why, that’s going to help you define a lot of your decisions, get you out of that status quo and get you moving forward in whatever direction that you want to go. Have you heard or listened to anything from him?

He has a book, Start With Why. There’s a YouTube video out there that talks about Start With Why. You start inward and work outward. That’s what guided me when I’m brainstorming to start this clothing line that I’m trying to kick up and that’s where we were when we were talking about Girl 100. That’s also when I took that break to myself, some time off and needed to be alone. I had to think, “Why? What drives me?” You talked about passion and he talks about what drives you. 

In the end, I wasn’t passionate about getting up every day, going to the office and completing ridiculous tasks that people were doing to keep their boss off their heads. That wasn’t driving me and I wasn’t passionate about it anymore. I was passionate about being a leader there and being a leader nowadays. I came to the conclusion like, “I can still lead. I don’t need a title. I can still guide my friends through tough times. I can still stand out in a crowd of followers. I don’t need it on my business card to be a certified leader. I am a leader in life.” 

We talked about what’s your why. “Why do I show up every day to this company?” It’s because I was working towards leading, and I show up every day because this is what’s taking care of my family. When you want to talk about what’s your passion, real estate investing is my passion. There’s no better feeling than helping someone find a home or closing on a property knowing that, “Ten years from now, I’m going to hand this one down on my kid.” I started this game because of my kids. I wanted to build generational wealth for them that they can hand down to their kids. 

I didn’t have money for college growing up. I started investing because I’m like, “By the time they turn eighteen, we should have four houses or more but I want four because I want to give them some options when it’s time for college. It’s either you can go to college. We are going to sell this house. Here is going to be your tuition money.” I’ve got other options and I’m not going to say it out loud. If they knew it, they are going to be like, “Yes, we are set.” I don’t want them to think like that. My why was I do it every day for my family and my kids. My passion was real estate and it wasn’t working for Corporate America anymore. 

G100 4 | Getting Unstuck
Getting Unstuck: Get back to your roots. You need to be able to explain to yourself why you do what you do, what your passions are, and what are those things in your current environment that are holding you back from doing that.

No matter what I did at Corporate America, I needed validation. I needed someone to tell me I was a good employee or I was fine. I needed to kiss the right ass to get in the door. That wasn’t serving me anymore. I was like, “I don’t have anything to prove to you guys. I know who I am.” There were times when leaders knew my potential and purposely held me back. I was like, “Why would I want to deal with that every day?” I moved on. That’s where I started feeling stuck and boredom started to kick in. That’s when I also started to not feel like myself. I didn’t play those political games well anymore. I’ve got to a point where I was like, “I don’t care what you think about me.” 

That’s where I thought about my why and my passion. I put the two together. I was like, “My passion is not Corporate America. My passion is real estate and my why is for my kids. I’m going to dip out of here and go do something that drives me and fulfills me every single day.” Thirteen years at the company, when I left the company, it wasn’t like, “Farewell. We are going to miss you.” It was like, “Who do you think is going to be a good fit for your replacement?” I’m like, “I gave thirteen years in this company. You all borderline drove me crazy and that’s the farewell I get? Bye, Felicia.” 

We are talking a lot about moving forward and planning the next step of your life. We have talked a lot about our professional careers and how we have moved forward when we felt stuck. Some people are perfectly happy with being with the status quo. Some people are happy with maintaining that. When you are okay with the status quo, you are not going to have that feeling of disappointment, anxiety or stress. Life is going to be easy and uncomplicated. Some of the greatest people out there are saying that staying in one place is not necessarily a good thing. I want to get your input on this quote from Tony Robbins who we all know as a wonderful motivational speaker and makes odd appearances in movies sometimes. “If you are not growing, you are dying.” I want to get your thoughts initially on what that means. 

It’s straightforward. It’s either you are going to move forward or you are going to lose ground. 

Embrace failure. Failure is a learning lesson. 

Staying in one place makes us unhappy. 

The most growth you have is those periods of discomfort. The most growth that I have ever experienced is when I’m uncomfortable in a situation and I make it past it, I’m like, “I see it and I’m wiser for the next time around,” or I’m wiser in general. When you don’t allow yourself to grow, your mind and body deteriorate faster. When you are not continuously educating yourself on stuff or you are just logging into the same old BS every day and eating the same old thing in your diet every day, your mind and body are going to start to deteriorate. That’s why it’s important to put yourself in new environments. Be versatile and be adaptive. Challenge yourself. 

I competed once before. I was an athlete growing up. I was into arts and theater and I competed in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament one time. It was the first time I have ever experienced an adrenaline dump. It was one of the best experiences I have had and I want to do it again. Not because I want to be the next UFC champion but because I want to challenge myself and keep growing in life. That’s how I take that is like, “If you are not growing, you are dying. If you are not trying new things and not putting yourself in new places, you are not taking care of your mind and your body.” 

Thats something I agree with is if you are not moving forward, then progress equals happiness and staying in one place can often make us unhappy. We talked a lot about professionalism and how we have gotten unstuck in our professional lives. There are also a lot of personal items that you talk about when you talk about getting unstuck. Have you ever had something happened on the personal side of your life where you were like, “I need to make a change,” and you take a risk, be brave and make those changes? 

On the personal side, that’s a tough one for me because I’m fun and boring at the same time. I know how to have a good time but I also have always prioritized my kids and my husband. For the past several years, that has been my life. My marriage hasn’t been sprinkles and cupcakes. We have had some times where we were down but in my personal relationship with my husband or me as a mother, I never had a time where I felt stuck. I had times where me as a mother, I’m like, “What can I do better for my kids?” I have those conversations with myself probably twice a week. 

There was a relationship and I will name no names but someone near and dear that I love so much. We fell off and I don’t know why. It was hard getting through and talking. I’ve got to the point where I felt stuck within myself because I wanted more from this other individual and it wasn’t happening. It takes two people to make a relationship thrive but I couldn’t always be the one to reach out, and then you hear things that they say about you behind your back and you were like, “That was screwed up. You forgot all the good things that happened between us. You focused on the negative.” 

For me, it was a sense of, emotionally, I felt stuck and I had to let that relationship go away. I had to let that part go. It wasn’t easy but it helped me move forward because I stopped discounting the bad parts of me. As much as they want to lie and whatever they say about me to people, I know where my heart is and I know what I have tried. If they want me in their life, then I don’t want to be in their life. Emotionally, when I let that go, I moved on. Over time, it has gotten easier for me. There were times where it was hard for me to deal with it and stuff. This was someone close to me. 

That would be the closest thing I would say on a personal level. I felt stuck in this one relationship with one person in particular and I felt like nothing was going to change. It didn’t make sense for me to keep trying and keep hurting myself. When I reached out and got the same response but expected something different, that didn’t make sense for me to continue to do that anymore. I’m like, “I’m going to move on. I’ve got to move on with my life. I’ve got to focus on myself and I’ve got to feed my heart the things that make me happy because I can’t be so busy worried about why this individual feels the way they feel.” That’s not just me. What about you? Is there any time personally where you felt like you had to move on from something? 

You should know this right off the bat. We have been friends for way too long. I spent the better part of the year that I graduated from college to almost the entire time that I lived in Texas in a relationship. I could spend hours talking about exactly what went wrong or where we went wrong with each other and how it didnt work out. I felt stuck in a relationship that I wasnt sure if I wanted to be in anymore. The reason that we were together felt like it was because everything was the next logical step but not necessarily because we were ultimately each others person. 

We spent the better part of a decade together and moved across the country. We moved 1,000 miles away from our families. It was scary making that decision and trying everything that we could to try and save that relationship but ultimately, peoples life plans change sometimes. You start going into different parts of your life as you get older and sometimes, you dont align with each other anymore. Probably the most difficult and the riskiest but also the bravest thing that I have probably ever done was admitting that it was time to move on at that point and allow us to move on and allow each other to find our person. 

Before my husband and I got married, we had problems in our relationship like every young couple does. We also agreed like, “Let’s sit down with a couple’s counselor. Let’s give it a shot and see if this relationship is worth salvaging.” We didn’t want it to just be about the kids because we had kids before we’ve got married. As much as we love each other, we hated each other, too. When we sat down with a counselor, one of the things that he told us is like, “When people get married or in general, in relationships, why they fail is usually the top two reasons are one, money and two, change. You change as a person emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. If you don’t keep up with each other or you don’t embrace that with each other, that’s going to tear you apart.” That’s what happened prior to us getting married. We were changing and dealing with different things. We were young, too. We were out of high school and going into college. You were then figuring out who you are. We were becoming two different people and growing apart. To relate to a personal experience where I felt stuck, that will probably have to be the closest time. 

We are women. In a lot of this show, we talk about how we are going to keep everything authentic. We are not any different from anybody else out there. We all have the same thoughts of our professional life, personal life or relationships. We have had relationships. You are married and have kids. Im not married and have no kids. Almost every woman has felt those things and thats the crux of why we came together and why we wanted to do this because we felt that what we were going to offer out to women was something that was going to be like, “We are like you. We can be your girlfriends. We can talk about this.” We have a lot of the same problems and challenges. 

Next, what I wanted to go into is maybe talk about some different ways that you can do in your life now to help you get unstuck. I found this interesting article. Im the queen of quotes and articles. When we talk about or decide what topic we are going to do for our episodes, I go out and I do a little bit of research and I find some interesting articles. There are three simple steps. We will all go into them, which are discover, plan and execute. When it comes to discovering, its discovering your regret-free life. This is on What that means and what the author of this blog talks about is, “The choices that we make today dictate the life we have tomorrow but to know what choices to make today, we have to get clear on what we want tomorrow to look like.” We need to figure out how we do this. 

I did it in 2019. 

That was a powerful statement. What we want our tomorrow to look like, how do we do it? How do we get there? What does that look like? You’ve got to do some inter discovery and some soul searching to discover what you want. You’ve got to do some self-evaluation on how you feel mentally, how you feel physically and how you want to add value to the world. That goes back to finding your why and what your why is. 

That ties into letting go of what doesn’t serve you peace and happiness because everybody wants to live a happy life. I don’t think I know anyone that says, “I want to be miserable for the rest of my life.” There are people out there that are miserable but they choose that. When you think about what you want your tomorrow to look like, I don’t think I have ever gone to bed at night, laid my head on the pillow, and be like, “Tomorrow, my goal is to get as pissed off as I could get.” That was never been my goal. My goal is like, “Tomorrow, I’m going to get up, attack the day, do this and that.” You’ve got to let go of what doesn’t serve you peace and happiness with that, too. You’ve got to get rid of those distractions, negative feelings and people in your life because if you hold on to that stuff, it’s not going to yield happiness. 

G100 4 | Getting Unstuck
Getting Unstuck: At the end of the day, let go of what doesn’t serve you peace and what doesn’t bring you happiness. Find your why, live with passion, and bet on yourself.

I had to let go of taking time in my day. I had to let go of things that are a waste of time in my day. How much time am I spending on social media? I don’t post a lot of personal things anymore on my social. Occasionally, I will jump on and look at Ratchet Memes because I need a good laugh but I had to let go of that. When I left my previous job, I had to weigh it out. I spend eight hours in a day away from my family at this place that I’m not feeling and it doesn’t bring me happiness. It brings me home frustrated and annoyed. I’ve got to let that go. That ties into that. In my opinion, that’s a good one. 

The author of this blog talks a lot about finding the people who inspire you and get you in the right mindset for growth. Once you get yourself in that right mindset, the idea of who you want to be, what you want to do, what mattered, what your priority was, what your direction is, that’s when you go into the second step, which is creating your roadmap. The next step is to make a plan to get there. Now you have this mindset and direction of where you want to go. You have to create how you get there, so create your roadmap. You need to go. Nothing changes if you are going to sit there, do nothing and have this goal in mind. 

It ties back to our first episode of goal setting. Come up with a plan. You’ve got a new version of you coming up. What is that version of you look like? How does she get up every day?

Something that I find the most ironic is when we talk about getting unstuck. When people feel unstuck, probably the most common mistake out there is you continue to go through the motions and you take steps back into being normal, comfortable because it’s what you know. When you do that, you are blaming the universe for throwing you such unfavorable dice. You are going back and you were like, “I have the worst luck when it comes to thisI hate my bossI dont know what to do next.” Change is only going to occur the moment you decide to make a change in your life. Stagnation is only temporary if you take it upon yourself but its permanent if you dont take the initiative. 

I know people that blame everything on everything else but them. When the universe is throwing all these curveballs at you, they were like, “That person did this and this person did that.” Sometimes, you’ve got to stop and look inward like, “What are you doing differently? How are you responding to that differently?” If you give it the same BS response every time or if you have the same crappy attitude every time, then you are not going to grow. If you try to embrace it and take the challenge, you are going to learn something different about yourself or life. I thought about that because you talked about how people are saying, “The universe is throwing things at me. This and that.” The universe is trying to tell you something, “Look inward.” 

People are comfortable staying in the same situation. They are scared of taking risks and being uncomfortable. For a small period of time, they are going to continue being stuck. Until you get out of that mindset and get off your ass, do something about it and take the initiative, everything is going to remain stagnant in your life. Its scary. You said you left your job of thirteen years and I left the same company after I had spent five years with them. Five years isnt as much as thirteen years but its still a scary step. Its like, “Now I have to start over. Is this the right step? What happens if I realize I make a mistake and I come back?” Theres everything thats running through your mind. Until you make that step and start taking action from it, its going to remain stagnant. You are going to remain in a stuck spot where you feel like you are in a corner. 

You were there for five years and I was there for thirteen. When I left at thirteen years, I reflected and was like, “I should have done this a lot sooner,” once I have ventured off into real estate. I have a friend who’s an agent and she was my agent for all the properties I bought in Houston. Since 2010, she has been telling me, “You need to go into real estate.” It took me so long to make that move. I reflect and I’m like, “I should have left a long time ago. I shouldn’t have waited thirteen years to pull the plug.” I also reflect and I’m like, “I don’t know if I would have been ready 5 or 6 years ago.” I left when it was time for me to leave because I went through a lot and I learned a lot. I’m a big believer in timing. Timing is everything. Sometimes, I wonder, “Had I left 1, 2 or 5 years into my career, I don’t know if I would be where I’m at now. I don’t know if I would have had the same experiences and the same income.” 

This goes into the third step of it, which is following through. Consistency and follow-through are the big part where people are going to struggle. Its all about setting your mind to do something and doing it no matter what. Thats going to determine and give you your growth mindset. There are a lot of people out there who are going to choose comfort over growth. Everybody has that. You go through the fail, bounce back and you cycle over and over again.  

You are not always going to get it right but make sure that you have the motivation and always building your momentum forward because your momentum is going to lead to consistency. Start now. Determine when you are going to start getting unstuck. If you feel stuck, start now getting unstuck because you have to determine these three steps of how you are going to get yourself out of this rut. You have to start now. You said it took you ten years, a better part of a decade to finally up and leave. Unless you keep pushing it off, every moment is going to be a new chance to start building your momentum. 

Embrace failure. You talked about failure. It is a learning lesson for me. I would rather fail fast, get it over with, learn about it and move back on. When I left my corporate job and started venturing off into building my legacy and doing my own thing, I failed. There were conversations I have and I sound like an idiot like, “That lender probably thought I was crazy.” You have to go through those times and those feelings. There are deals I lost that I reflect and I’m like, “I probably should have positioned that or this differently. I probably should have said that to that agent.” Part of learning is failing. If you cannot handle failure, you will not grow. You will not get your essence stuck. You are going to stay there forever and shrivel up. They say if you are not growing, you are dying. You are going to turn into a prune. 

What we want to leave our readers with when we close out is feeling stuck is a fixable thing. Its not something that you have to be within forever. Its not a feeling that you have to be there forever. When you get clarity and discover what you truly want, make your plan to get there and start making those choices that are aligning with that roadmap and with that discovery so you can begin to feel unstuck, whether thats getting a job promotion or working on a new project at work where you will feel a little bit more fulfilledanything in your relationship or anything in your life diet. We are going to talk a lot about healthy living and how we set goals. 

We want to keep in mind that this is all a process and its going to take trial and error. Its not going to be a straight path to getting unstuck. You may not get it right the first time. Its all about allowing yourself to figure it out as you go. Your ultimate goal is going to be growth. Its not perfection. You dont get it perfect the first time. I will tell you from experience. When I left that job of five years, I went to a company that I thought was the right move for me but it ended up not being the right move and thats okay. I spent about 1.5 years there and then I planned my next move. 

Take chances on yourself. Believe in yourself because if not you, then who? 

Now I’m with another company that I truly do enjoy my job. Im learning something new and challenged every single day. Thats where I feel comfortable in the uncomfortability. Make sure that we are out there and striving to continuously move forward. Its going to be a slow process. Its not going to happen all at once. Allow yourself open to change, however, small the steps may be. Ligaya, is there anything that you want to leave us with? 

Bet on yourself is the last thing that we wanted to tie into this is taking chances on you. When I left my job, I know for a fact I had people saying, “She’s not going to make it.” Who cares? Haters are out there but take chances on yourself. Believe in yourself because if not you, then who? At the end of the day, let go of what doesn’t serve you peace and what doesn’t bring you happiness. Find your why, live with passion and bet on yourself. 

With that, we are going to sign off here. You will find out next episode what we are talking about. In the meantime, always remember that whatever girl boss you decide to be, what is it? 

Always keep it 100. 

Everyone, have a great night or day. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, keep it 100. 

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